Here are a few things to chew on.

The above is a three-panel section of a sponsored comic review Wired recently published for the release of Iron Man 3. Which, you know, you should obviously go see. But I was struck by just how well-made the effort is on their part. With the help of Audi, Wired was able to link their editorial team with the likes of director Shane Black and renowned cartoonist Jim Rugg to tell a story that's not only intelligent and impactful, but also speaks to a comic nerd's sensibilities in the digital age. I mean, the second panel there? Genius.


According to the New York Times, Steven Soderbergh is currently in the process of writing a crime novella via Twitter. Titled "Glue," it resembles the noir style of Dashiell Hammett while still retaining a sense of newness because of the medium Soderbergh is employing.

Now, to be clear — neither of these examples are that new. Reviewing movies through comics is something the internet has played with for a little while now. Comics journalism has been a thing for ages. And, as the Times notes, the New Yorker tweeted a story by Jennifer Egan last year.


Still, I'm reminded that with both came a rejection of ordinary practice and a willingness to experiment using new media and different ways of thinking. Not only that, but they're taking these ideas and pushing them further (getting Jim Rugg to draw for your site is pretty awesome). Telling stories today is as much about making connections with the tools at your disposal and the people you know as it is about writing. It's very much why blogging as we've known it for the past decade or so is dying. We're finding that we can do so much more.

[image credit: Wired]